Astronomical League Observing Clubs

The Observing Clubs offer encouragement and certificates of accomplishment for demonstrating observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects. These include the Messier Club; Binocular Messier Club and the Herschel 400 Club, the Deep Sky Binocular Club, the Southern Skies Binocular Club, the Meteor Club, the Double Star Club, and the Lunar Club. 

Each Club offers a certificate based upon achieving certain observing goals. These are usually in the form of a specific number of objects of a specific group with a given type of instrument. Occasionally there are multiple levels of accomplishment within the club. There is no time limit for completing the required observing, but good record keeping is required.  When you have reached the requisite number of objects, your observing logs are examined by the appropriate authority and you will receive a certificate and pin to proclaim to all that you have reached your goal.

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The following clubs are among many others offered by the Astronomical League: 

Constellation Hunter Club pin Constellation Hunter Club

Lunar Club pin Lunar Club

Telescope Sky Puppy Club

Universe Sampler club pin Universe Sampler Club



Binocular Messier club pin Binocular Messier Club

Deep sky binocular pin Deep Sky Binocular Club

Southern skies binocular club pin Southern Skies Binocular Club



Arp peculiar galaxy club pin Arp Peculiar Galaxy Club

Caldwell club pin Caldwell Club

Herschell 400 club pin Herschel 400 Club

Herschell II club pin Herschel II Club

Galaxy groups and clusters club pin Galaxy Groups & Clusters Club

Gobular cluster club pin Globular Cluster Club

Messier club pin Messier Club

Open cluster club pin Open Cluster Club

Planetary nebula club pinPlanetary Nebula Club

Southern skies telescopic club pin Southern Sky Telescopic Club

Urban Observing club pin Urban Observing Club



Asteroid observing club pin Asteroid Observing Club

Comet observers club pin Comet Observers Club

Double star club pin Double Star Club

Earth orbiting satellite observing club pin Earth Orbiting Satellite Observing Club

Lunar II club pin Lunar II Club

Master observer club pin Master Observer Club

Meteor club pin Meteor Club

Outreach club pin Outreach Club

Planetary observers club pin Planetary Observers Club

Sunspotters club pin Sunspotters Club


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