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bulletSpreadsheets require Microsoft Excel 98 or later to read.  Alternatively, you can use as a very functional, free alternative to Microsoft Excel.
bulletSome documents are presented in Adobe Acrobat Freeware (.pdf  format).
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You may find the following files very useful in your Messier hunt:



Messier Log Sheets in Excel format for Astronomical League Award.  This spreadsheet will also track your progress, and has fields for notes, etc.

Messier Log Sheets in .pdf format



Messier Marathon Order in Excel format.  This has proven to be the most efficient order in which to observe all  of the Messier Objects in one evening.

Messier Marathon Order in .pdf format



Messier Object Maps with Telrad Circles and map index.  (Really great charts!)



The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a database that contains relevant information for all 110 Messier objects.  It contains various layouts to assist amateur astronomers in documenting their search for deep sky objects.  This awesome program includes EVERYTHING an amateur astronomer might want to see regarding Messier Objects: pictures, astronomical coordinates, space for notes and viewing comments, descriptions, etc.  It is sortable, printable, and customizable by you, the user.  It is one of the most useful tools you will encounter to assist you in searching for and viewing Messier Objects.


(When you're interested in working on a list after you've completed the Messier List, try this listing of objects.)



Web Links

(Links Checked 2/14/03)

Weather Information

bulletSky Clock amateur astronomy sky quality predictions (Great!)
bulletAutomated Weather information for Mt. Pinos    (Frazier Park)
bulletAutomated Weather for Lancaster, CA
bulletAutomated Weather for the Nation
bulletMt. Pinos Webcam
bulletTodd Gross' Weather and Astronomy Site
bullet U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service

Astronomy Clubs

bulletAntelope Valley Astronomy Club
bullet Astronomical League

What Can I See?

bulletThe Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL)
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day
bulletAbrams Planetarium Skywatcher's Diary
bulletGlobular Cluster Page
bulletRon Muir's Deep Sky Guide
bulletTable of Moon Phases for this month
bulletTerry's Hunt of the Month
bulletLearn the Constellations
bulletThe Constellations and their Stars
bulletThe Nine Planets
bullet Your Sky Tonight

Satellite Visibility

bulletSatellite Predictions - Start Page Any location
bulletSatellite Visibility for Lancaster, CA
bulletNASA Satellite and Spacecraft Tracking
bullet Heavens Above

For beginners and advanced amateur astronomers a new edition of of the book Backyard Astronomy, by Terrence Dickinson and Alan Dyer is highly recommended.

bulletMatt BenDaniel's Astrophotography Page
bulletIntroductory Astronomy
bulletAstronomy for Kids
bulletEarth and Sky
bulletWeasner's Might ETX Site
bulletETX Hints, Tips, Projects, & Products
bulletBob's LX200 Web Page
bulletHow to Build Your Own Dobsonian Telescope
bulletRiverside Telescope Makers Conference Astronomy Expo
bulletUsing a C-8 for Deep Sky Observation
bulletCloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

General Information Websites

Steve's Astronomy Page -
Astro-photography, details of his observatory construction, and links to other sites. -
All about Amateur Astronomy.  Material for casual observers and experienced amateurs.  Free reference site with amateur astronomy classes, astronomy tools, databases, and links.

Weasner's Mighty ETX Site -
Resources, discussions and complete information about Meade ETX Astro Telescopes.

Star*s Family -
Collection of directories, dictionaries, databases, and related products on astronomy and space.

Astronomy - What's Up This Month -
Monthly updates on astronomical events, star charts for the month, photos, and more.

Simon Engler -
Information about Astrophysics, Computational Physics, Numerical Simulation. Contains FORTRAN programs that can be downloaded.

The Event Inventor by Kye's World -
Learn about astronomy and geometry using the position from a shadow stick. Learn to make a sundial.

A Practical Guide to Astronomy -
Resource for the beginner and the experienced backyard astronomer, with facts and photos.

Favorite Astronomy Links -
Links to news, what's up, research, institutions, observatories, history of astronomy, astronomy as a hobby, etc., by Prof. J.S. Tenn, Sonoma State University.

The Astronomy Corner -
Offers a monthly astronomy column, short essays and editorials.

Cycles, resonances, synchronizations -
Cyclical phenomena in the solar system.

Paul Schlyter -
Useful astronomical links, sci.astro.amateur FAQ.

David Paul Green's Astronomy Homepage -
Software, book and site reviews, dark sky survey and resume.

Marcia Bartusiak -
Descriptions of author books, listings of her reviews, biographical information, and e-mail contact.

Jeff MacQuarrie's CCD Astronomy Page -
CCD Astrophotography images of nebulae, galaxies, planets and star clusters. Each image contains educational information about the object with links for further research.

Astronomy CCD images by Chris Deforeit -
Deep sky images, including color pictures.

Bluebird Observatory -
A resource for backyard astronomy including original content and many links from a working amateur astronomical observatory.

The Astronomy WebCams Paradise -
Amateur astronomy with webcams. Also illustrated lessons and photos in 3D.

Planetary Alignment and Magnetic Field Interaction -
Magnetic field interactions in planet alignments and sun spots correlation to periodic field polarity reversals.

Astronomy at WEB -
Links to astronomy sites and pictures.

The Tylers -
A site for code developers and SETI enthusiasts.

Keith's Astro Page -
Includes comet and night sky photography with a 35mm SLR camera.

An Observation of the Night Sky -
This web page is intended for the non-astronomer in the hope that he/she will come to love the night sky the way I do.

An Astronomy Linkpage -
Links, articles and papers sorted in astronomy, space flight and SETI@home.

The Star Gate -
Various links photos and news.

Michele's Home Page -
Information on research projects primarily dealing with variable stars (XX Leo eclipsing binary star, SMC variable stars, novae). Provides links to a growing number of astronomy, space, and science related sites.

Whitney's Star Finder -
A window on the sky for the casual observer, amateur astronomer, or student.

Astronomy with Peter Enzerink -
Astronomy information from an Australian perspective. Includes some helpful tips for astronomy software.

Astro Workgroup Mercator -
Amateur astronomy group from Bazel, Belgium.

Glenn Schneider's Home Page @ Steward Observatory - 
HST/NICMOS and other recent astronomical endeavors, professional and personal.

Mark Allison's Astro Site -
Information and observations from an amateur Deep Sky astronomer based in Salford.

The Port Perry Astronomical Observatory -
Amateur astronomers share their love of the sky with local students.

Julie's Astronomy Web Page -
Information on stars, galaxies, planets, the Sun, nebulae, Little Green Men, telescopes, comets, meteors, asteroids, constellations and mythological tales about the zodiac signs.

Amateur Astronomy Resources -
Categorized links, books and product reviews.

Mini Dome Observatory -
Aben Brown designed a small domed observatory to mount above a rooftop hatchway.

Littlebear Observatory -
Personal deep sky observatory.

Dragonweb2 -
Personal webpage of astronomy photographs

Sam's Astronomy Page -
Site devoted to amateur astronomy, including descriptions and pictures of my equipment, tips and links.

Astronomy by Frank -
Gallery of astrophotography attempts, links, and suggestions and tips for buying that first telescope.

Poor Meadow Dyke Observatory -
Large telescope-making and CCD-imaging site. DIY frame de-rotation, images, and a hints-and-tips section.

The Perfect Sky -
Contains some telescope reviews.

Stellar Magnetism -
Information on spectropolarimetry, dynamo processes.

Arpad Cserkuti -
Amateur radio astronomy, macro photography, and philosophy of existence.

Henry's Astronomy Page -
Projects in stargazing, astrophotos, ccd imaging and travel experiences.

Stargazer Online -- Astronomy: First Light -
Richard Bell's observing, astrophotography articles and biographies.

Mr. C's Science World of Astronomy -
Collection of astronomical links.

Paul Kondratko's Home Page -
Contains my scientific and school related publications, presentations and reference material for physics, astrophysics, and mathematics coursework.

Javor Kac - Astrophotography Page -
Jupiter-Venus conjunction, planets, comets, meteors, deep-sky.

Southern Skys -
This is a publicly run site for space and space exploration.

Dave's Astronomy Stuff -
Links to useful astronomy resources, including satellite and comet tracking, space exploration, observatories, world space agencies, education, software and photographs.

Tim Printy's Astronomy Web Page -
Astrophotography guide specializing in comets, meteors and deep space.

Astronomy page of Erik Bryssinck - Belgium -
Results of astro-ccd photography, several tips & tricks for quickcam astro-ccd photography.

Pictures From Space! -
A collection of Astronomy Photos.

Markstaff -
An astronomy and space site, original eclipse and comet images, impact hazards, meteor news, weather information.

Dimitris Gouliermis -
Dimitris Gouliermis in the Sternwarte der Universitaet Bonn.

Lukasz Kanclerski's page - Tips and Photos -
Site for beginning stargazers and others too. Lots of astropictures, including photos of the 11 Aug 1999 total solar eclipse over Europe.

Martin Chick Astronomy -
Includes information on my interest, astronomy.

Comets -
This site contains a short description on Comets.

Film Astrophotography -
Jerry Pool's images of the Moon and Constellations.

Michael's Astronomy Home Page -
Astrophotos and information about our solar system.

Astronomy for the Masses -
Articles about measuring angles in the sky, elementary particles, and nuclear forces.

Remco Scheepmaker's Astronomy -
Personal homepage about my astronomy and astrophotography equipment, telescopes and reviews of the OMC140 and Vixen GP-DX.

Luigi Pizzimenti -
A few astronomical images taken by the author.

Mitzi Space -
Site about our solar system.

Dan's Astronomy and Physics -
Links to astronomy and physics sites.

AstroStuff -
Personal treasury of astronomical observing reports, advice for beginners, and links to other astronomy sites.

Dave & Jeanne's Astronomy Page -
A site that shares the joys of stargazing with the web community.

Barbara's Astronomy Page -
For beginning backyard astronomers, listing planetary positions, comets, asteroids, meteor showers, tips & lots of links.

Astronomy and Space Exploration -
Information regarding organizations related to space exploration in the Los Angeles area.

W.J.Kolkert -
Results from the Kolkert-Observatory, like a description of the 4" instrumented refractor.

Photos of Planets and Moons -
Photos and information on several of the planets.

Pictures of the Nightsky -
This site contains pictures of the earth, moon, planets and the constellations. It contains an explanation of the constellations too.

Stargazer -
Astronomy information with emphasis on the solar system.

Niall Glynn's Space and Astronomy Online -
An easy-to-use site providing daily updated news with pictures and weather pages, as well as a shop where you can buy books, scopes, and accessories.

Colliding Galaxies and the Fate of the Milky Way -
Continuing discussion of the fate of the Milky Way Galaxy and ultimately the universe.

Southern Skies -
General information on a number of astronomical topics.

Starshine Astronomy -
This site has general information on Astronomy oriented towards the beginner.

Francisco Prada -
Member of Calar Alto Observatory. Information about his work, publications, projects, and co-workers.

Joerg C. Hartmann Astronomie -
Movies from moon and sun captured with a Webscope. -
Contains astronomy interests and observation log of Michael Doornbos.

Treetop's Astronomy Site -
Many useful links that are your guide to the heavens.

Whyzard' s Wyrld of Astronomy -
Dedicated to helping amateur astronomers with small telescopes get the most out of stargazing.

Space and Computing Newsletter -
Newsletter on space topics.

Gaze Upon the Heavens -
Contains links to some of my favorite sites as well as photos and research paper.

Christophe Dumas, Planetary Astronomy -
Near-infrared spectroscopy, and high-angular resolution imaging of small planetary bodies and asteroidal satellites.

SkyNet Space and Astronomy -
Astronomy, Space, Satellite Tracking. Starting point for Astronomy and Space news and information.

Alohacyberian of Hawaii -
Travels of Keith Martin.

Tom's amateur astronomy -
Details of my two homemade telescopes, Freeware for astronomy for the low-budget/no-budget amateur.

Astro India -
Basic information on astronomy and astrophysics.

Learn More About the Universe -
Links, lectures, and photos.

Stefan Immler's Home of Galaxies -
X-ray emission from galaxies

Garcia, Fredrik Anthony -
Contains information about our solar system.

Orion -
A brief history, links, the Greek mythology of the constellations and some pictures of a solar eclipse, taken in France on August 11 1999.

Chodakowski's Freeware Links -
Links to astronomy, weather, and other science related freeware. Business spreadsheet freeware download.

NightSkyImages -
CCD and film astrophotography of deep sky objects.

The guide to the universe -
Four educational trips to the universe.

World of Astronomy -
Brief history on astronomy and quotes.

Fermin's Astronomy Page -
Basic facts about planets in our solor system and the moon. Also over 50 pictures of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

Vikrant Paralkar -
Discoveries made by Voyager 1 and 2 about the giant planets and their moons.

Urban Astronomer -
Urban astronomy from Singapore. With personal observing reports, various tutorials for newbies on equipment, where to buy, observing.

Benastro's Astronomy -
A general information site for those who have a beginner's curiosity about the stars and planets.

The World Above -
This site contains information as well as thought on astronomy and on new exploration. Little information about stars, planets, galaxies, etc

Yoonho's Amateur Astronomy -
12" LX200 owner, fluorite APO refractor, astro photos.

Astronomy! Reach the Stars! -
A window to the universe. Current news, pages for kids, history, links.

NJ Night Sky -
Amateur astronomy and telescope building.

Dublin Night Sky Observer -
Provides up-to-date astronomy and space news, monthly observing notes, etc.

Astronomy, Physics, and Soaring Page by Larry Bogan -
A collection of Astronomical projects, lectures, and calculations. Orbits, Sunspots, Occultations, Magnitudes, etc.

Dilip's Planets -
Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Bill Leslie's Home Page -
Photographs of the Sun and the Moon. Moray's Astronomy club, SIGMA Golf in Forres, Scotland.

Penny Fischer's Stargazer -
Tells you where, and how, and what he likes to observe.

Pete's Astronomy Page -
Personal astronomy page with astrophotos.

Astronline -
Space news, rocket information, links and more.

PaAstroMan Images -
CCD images from various equipment on a 10" LX200 F/6.3

Astronomy Mayhem -
An absolute beginner's guide to getting started in astronomy.

Nancy's World of Astronomy -
Interesting astronomy links and an online quiz.

Northwest Kansas Astronomical Society. Ron Thompson, Director Links to many types of Space Related Organizations & Associations

StarStuff -
Resource site for amateur astronomers. Find telescopes, observing aids, links and more.

Cool Observatory -
Images, information and advise for getting started stargazing. The title is really where the Observatory is: Cool, Calif.

Marc Gagne -
X-ray astronomy West Chester University astronomy education astrophysics publications NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory

Astrocentral -
A beginner's guide to astronomy with emphasis on the solar system.

Sean's Astro Web Site -
Description of my research on ultra high energy cosmic rays.

Simon Nava Home Page -
Miscellaneous topics as black holes, space exploration.

Sammy Lockwood's Astronomy -
An amateur astronomer in New Mexico, USA

Sublime64's Home Page -
What's your weight on all the planets? Science, Physics, Astro Picture Gallery. Space.

Dan's Astrophotography site -
Some of my Astrophotos.

Science Fiction Exploration -
Hard science fiction and astronomy and the mysteries of the universe revealed.

Astronomy 4 Dummies -
A general information site for those who have a beginner's curiosity about astronomy.

The Sky in the Sun's Shadow -
Images of our solar system, the history of astronomy, news, and what to look for in our sky.

The Final Frontier -
Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence; news about the universe.