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Why Do I Have This Website

I have gotten several humorous, uncomprehending e-mails asking why I have created an extensive amateur astronomy website that doesn't sell anything and is completely free.

I have to admit the reason it was originally put together was kind of selfish - I travel a lot and I wanted a site on the web where I could have access to all of the astro formulae and other data that was of interest to me without having to lug books through airports. Then I decided to tackle assembling a Member's Handbook for our local astronomy club and thought I should put all of that info on line. Next came a couple of online introductory astronomy classes... and it has grown from there.

I enjoy exchanging e-mails with site visitors who are always giving me great suggestions on what to add to this site.

I only spend cloudy nights working on the site. I like to go out and observe! You can usually find me on the top of Mt. Pinos in Southern California at New Moon during the summer months, and at Saddleback Butte State Park or Red Rock Canyon State Recreation Area during the winter months. Come say hi if you get the chance.

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How I Got Started In Amateur Astronomy

I have received many e-mails asking me why I put all of this information online. My answer is that the night sky is free, and interest in amateur astronomy goes back into the dawn of human history. I wanted to put the reference material online that I had to hunt for across many, many references or talk with several experts.

My introduction to amateur astronomy was through the benevolence of my Uncle Gary, who offered to send me a telescope - if I would pay the shipping. He called me up about a week later and said that shipping had come to $100, but left me guessing as to what kind of telescope could cost that much to send!

A week after the call, I got a large box in the mail with a BIG tripod, and a whole bunch of astronomy books. The next day I got another huge box and inside was a Celestron C-8 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, I had never gotten a gift like that before! I didn't know anyone in astronomy, and although I had a minor in college in astronomy, I didn't really know much about how to find anything in the sky!

After making every mistake that's possible when a complete newbie starts out in the hobby and doesn't ask anyone for help, I decided that looking around for a local astronomy club might be a good idea. I found the Fort Worth Astronomical Society. Three people there really took the time to introduce me to the night sky without making me feel like a complete idiot. I thank John Bartels, Bob Newman and Becky Nordeen for taking the time to explain how the sky really works, for starting me on the quest for my Messier Certificate, and showing me how to properly care for the equipment.

Because of a work transfer, I moved from Ft. Worth, TX, to Lancaster, CA. This area is called California's "High Desert" because of it's altitude and 1.5" of annual rainfall. The first night out, I realized that the night sky from my back yard in the desert of CA was better th