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This page is for browsing on those cloudy nights.  If it's clear outside, go on out and enjoy the sky!

I hope you'll discover interesting, useful, fun and a few off-the-wall links that you haven't seen before.  An effort has been made to ensure that all of these links are appropriate for families looking for more information about amateur astronomy.  I don't accept commercial advertising on my site, and only post links that I have reviewed.


Check out the following Links:

[Updated 06/2012]


Great Companies and Organizations

bulletAstrocrumb Filter Slides  Excellent Filter Slides for Dobsonian Telescoipes.  I have purchased two and I can't imagine owning a dobsonian telescope without one!  Visit the website or contact Roger Greenwood, e-mail:  astrocrumb@yahoo.com
bulletHowie Glatter's Collimation Website - Howie truly understands the physics of collimation and is an avid amateur astronomer who KNOWS telescopes. His "Blug" makes precise collimation of a newtonian (dobsonian) telescope easy.  I have been a customer for many years.
bulletTelescopes4sale.com  Telescope Auction
bulletTeleport telescopes The Teleport telescope is a small, light, complete package that sets up in about a minute.
bulletHands On Optics - Selling exactly the same eyepieces as Meade Series 4000 at 50% savings!!  Lot's of accessories, and even used equipment.  Ask for Gary.
bulletObsession Telescopes - Owner Dave Kriege offers top of the line large aperture equipment and simply awesome service.
bulletTom Osypowski Equatorial Platforms  Phone:  530-274-9113, e-mail:  tomosy@nccn.net
bulletWearGuard - Cold weather coveralls, boots, etc. at 1/2 to 1/4th retail prices!

Astro-imagers' Websites:

bulletEric Jacob:  http://www.cheapskate-astro.net/

Astro Information:

bulletMasters of Science Physics Guide: Solar System - A home page with astronomy info and links  regarding Kepler's planetary Laws of Motion.  The rest of the site is hosted by OnlineMastersDegree.com, a site dedicated to furthering education. (Thank you Emma)
bulletAstronomy Resources - An amateur astronomy web link site recommended by Ashley from Brighter Futures Charter School
bulletNight Sky Info - a great site administered by Emil Neata!
bulletThe Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL)
bulletArizona Skies Meteorites - http://www.arizonaskiesmeteorites.com
bullet Misconceptions (Hilarious beliefs from Phol Plait's site "Bad Astronomy"

Latest Astronomical News


I have found a really good amateur astronomy podcast called (appropriately) Astronomycast, including shows on "How Amateurs Can Contribute to Astronomy" and "The Size of the Universe" can be found here:


bulletAmerican Astronomical Society
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day
bulletLatest news from Sky and Telescope

Weather Information

bulletSky Clock amateur astronomy sky quality predictions (Great!)
bulletAutomated Weather for Lancaster, CA
bulletAutomated Weather for the Nation
bulletMt. Pinos Webcam
bulletTodd Gross' Weather and Astronomy Site
bullet U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service

What Can I See?

bulletGlobular Cluster Page
bulletRon Muir's Deep Sky Guide
bulletTerry's Hunt of the Month
bulletLearn the Constellations
bulletThe Constellations and their Stars
bulletThe Nine Planets
bullet Your Sky Tonight

Satellite Visibility

bullet Heavens Above
bulletSatellite Predictions - Start Page Any location
bulletSatellite Visibility for Lancaster, CA
bulletSatellite Visibility - SAGE Planetarium
bulletNASA Satellite and Spacecraft Tracking


bulletAntelope Valley Observatory (Terry Pedroza)
bulletGriffith Observatory
bulletMt. Wilson Solar Observatory
bulletSloan Digital Sky Survey

Other Great Companies

bulletAstronomics - Telescopes for Astronomy (Ask for Mike)
bulletCamping Gear Review - Very thorough non-biased review of camping gear ideal for your remote night under the stars.
bulletCrazy Ed Optical
bulletEdmund Scientific
bulletMeade Instruments Corporation 
bulletMeade Telescopes and Accessoriess
bulletMilky Way Images For Sale
bulletNovobirsk Telescope Manufacturing Plant Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant - Russian manufacturer and exporter of amateur telescopes TAL, binoculars and other optical devices
bulletOrion Telescopes and Binoculars
bulletScopetronix Quality Astronomy Products
bulletTelescope City
bulletThousand Oaks Optical


bulletAmateur Astronomy Magazine
bulletAstronomy Magazine
bulletSky & Telescope: The Essential Magazine of Astronomy

Online Auctions / Sales

bulletAstromart Global Index and Astronomy Classified Ads

Astronomy Clubs

bulletAntelope Valley Astronomy Club, Palmdale, CA
bulletAlachua Astronomy Club
bullet Astronomical League <--
bulletAstronomy Ireland
bulletCentral Coast Astronomical Society
bulletCentral Florida Astronomical Society
bulletFt. Worth Astronomical Society, Ft. Worth, TX
bulletFraser Valley Astronomers Society
bulletHamilton Amateur Astronomers
bulletLos Angeles Astronomical Society
bulletNew Mexico Tech Astronomy Club
bulletOrange County Astronomers
bulletRiverside Telescope Makers Conference Astronomy Expo
bulletSkokie Valley Astronomers - Skokie, IL
bulletUniversity of Chicago - Ryerson Astronomical Society
bulletVentura County Astronomical Society

Fun Stuff

bullet For beginners and advanced amateur astronomers a new edition of the book Backyard Astronomy, by Terrence Dickinson and Alan Dyer is highly recommended.

Have you been interested in astronomy for a little while and would like a little help figuring out how to spot an "expert"?  Humor from 'Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews'


Powers of Ten Website  Very cool web site to give you some sense of the size or our universe...


http://www.aerolite.org/ Adventures in the World of Meteorites - Great site for meteorites... I learned a lot!

Other Links

bullet Adirondack Video Astronomy
bullet Anacortes Telescope And Wild Bird
bulletAstronomy for Kids
bullet Astronomy Links
bullet Astronomics.com
bulletAstronomy-Mall.com Home
bullet AstroSystems Inc.
bulletCases and Covers for your telescope
bullet CATSEYE Newtonian Telescope Collimation
bullet Chartmarkers and More
bullet Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
bulletCollimating Newtonian Optics
bullet Dan's Astronomy Software Collection
bullet Discovery Telescopes, Incorporated
bullet Equatorial Platforms Home Page
bullet Fox Park Public Observatory(FPPO): Main Menu
bulletFrom Stargazers to Starships - An Astronomy Textbook-on-the-Web
bullet Jeff Bondono's Astronomy Page
bullet Kendrick Astro Instruments
bulletMatt BenDaniel's Astrophotography Page
bulletMcMaster-Carr Supply Company
bullet MoonLite Telescope Accessories
bullet Nova Astronomic
bullet Obsession Telescopes
bulletOrion Telescopes and Binoculars
bullet Other Worlds
bullet O'Neil Photo & Optical Inc.
bullet Protostar
bulletR.F. Royce - Maker of Parabolic Telescope Mir...
bullet ScopeCoat Telescope Covers
bullet Starlight Instruments, Inc.
bulletStarlight XPress Welcome Page
bulletStar Charts
bullet Starmaster Portable Telescopes
bullet Stellar Scenes
bullet SOHO Sun Satellite
bulletTele Vue
bullet University Optics Telescope Accessories
bullet Yahoo! Groups : obsessionusers
bullet Yahoo! Groups : starmaster_scopes


bulletAstronomy on the Internet (Very Good)
bulletEarth and Sky
bulletETX Hints, Tips, Projects, & Products
bulletHow to Build Your Own Dobsonian Telescope
bulletSpace Calendar (NASA)
bulletWeasner's Might ETX Site


More Extensive Listing:

Astronomy and Astrophysics Sites

bulletAmerican Association of Variable Star Observers
bulletAmerican Astronomical Society
bulletAmerican Meteor Society
bullet Arecibo Observatory
bullet Astromart Home Page
bullet About the Astronomical Data Center 
bulletAstronomical Images
bulletThe Astronomical League
bulletAstronomy Magazine
bulletAstronomy Now On-Line
bullet Astronomy Resources
bulletAstronomy: the guide to the universe
bulletAstronomy (Galaxy)
bulletAstrophysics (Galaxy)
bullet AstroWeb - Astronomical Internet Resources
bulletAstroWeb at CDS (Strasbourg, France)
bullet Catalogues available at CDS
bulletCentral Coast Astronomical Society
bulletThe Cosmic Mystery Tour
bullet EINet Galaxy
bullet ESO homepage
bullet Exploratorium
bulletThe Galaxy Page
bullet The Gemini 8 Meter Telescopes Project  
bullet Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
bulletHEASARC - High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center. An archive facility of data from high energy astrophysics scientists worldwide. Supports a search on the index of information on the server.
bulletThe HEASARC Video Archive. Video clips from high energy astrophysics missions. Most are full color and include audio tracks.
bullet HST News
bulletThe Hubble Space Telescope's Greatest Hits, 1990-1995
bulletHubble Space Telescope. Contains educational material, images and video available to the public.
bulletImages from High Energy Astrophysics missions. Alphabetical listing of images from missions included in the HEASARC database (see below under "Related Web Servers").
bulletAn Inquirer's Guide to the Universe
bullet Internet and Astronomy
bullet IPAC HomePage
bullet IRAF home page
bullet IU Astronomy
bullet La Plata Observatory
bulletThe Meteorite Exchange
bullet Millstone Hill Observatory
bullet Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories Home Page
bullet Mount Wilson Observatory
bulletNASA Planetary Photojournal
bulletNASA WWW Servers
bullet National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
bulletNational Optical Astronomy Observatories
bulletNew England Meteoritical Services
bulletThe Nine Planets. This is an essay about our solar system with text, pictures, sounds and an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in our solar system is briefly described and illustrated with pictures from NASA spacecraft. With a few clicks, you can see images that only a few decades ago could only be dreamed of.
bulletNGC / IC Project Home Page - Positions, classifications, photometric parameters (magnitudes, diameters, position angles, colors, etc), and distances
bulletOther government labs
bulletPeoria Astronomical Society
bullet Planetary Data System
bulletPlanetary Image Finder. A resource for images of planets gathered from various NASA missions.
bulletSKY Online
bulletSolar System Live
bulletSpace Day

If you have links that you'd like me to include, please e-mail me with the info!


astro-tom.com - http://www.astro-tom.com
Learn all about Amateur Astronomy.  Material for casual observers and experienced amateurs.  Free reference site with amateur astronomy classes, astronomy tools, databases, and links.

Steve's Astronomy Page - http://pages.prodigy.net/sstrott
Astro-photography, details of his observatory construction, and links to other sites.

Weasner's Mighty ETX Site - http://www.weasner.com/etx/menu.html
Resources, discussions and complete information about Meade ETX Astro Telescopes.

Astronomy - What's Up This Month - http://www.learnwhatsup.com/astro/
Monthly updates on astronomical events, star charts for the month, photos, and more.