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Before using most telescopes, except for Dobsonian and fork mounted telescopes, they must be aligned with the Earth's axis, and the Right Ascension and Declination circles on the telescope need to be initialized.  I call the method that follows the 'Good Enough' method for casual observation.

A much more accurate (and time consuming) alignment must be done if you want to do astrophotography.  Check out several different explanations on the "Pantozol 20 mg apotheken umschau" page in the Advanced section for in-depth alignment procedures.


Easy Two-Star Method of Polar Alignment

 By Ron Evans, Sildenafil rezeptfrei schweiz

From a chart listing stellar coordinates, pick any two reference stars that you have coordinates for; one as far NORTH as possible (preferably Polaris) and one as far SOUTH as possible (preferably Arcturus or Hamal).

1. Initially align the mount as closely as you can, usually by setting the Declination (DEC) to 90 degrees and sighting on Polaris.  If Polaris isn't visible, just estimate North.

2. Aim the telescope at the SOUTH reference star by swinging the telescope in Right Ascension and Declination. Set the scope's Right Ascension (RA) setting circle to match the star's RA coordinate shown on your chart.

3. Find the coordinates of the NORTH reference star (preferably Polaris) and swing the telescope in RA and DEC until the setting circles read those coordinates.  Don't sight in on the star; aim in on its coordinates.

4. Adjust the polar alignment by moving the scope in ALTITUDE and AZIMUTH until the reference star is centered in the field of view.  DON'T move the scope in RA or DEC.

5. Repeat step 2 once or twice until no further adjustment is needed.  Tighten all adjustment locks and verify alignment by aiming at a few other stars and checking their coordinates against your star charts.


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