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"Introduction to The Night Sky - Part II"

Visual Observing Knowlege - (1 hour)

bulletComparison of Newtonian Reflector, Refractor, and Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes.
bulletHow They Work
bulletAdvantages / Disadvantages
bulletSize / Weight
bulletEase of Use, Maintenance and Storage
bulletPurchasing Equipment - What to Avoid
bulletComparison of Eyepiece Types
bulletWhat is a Plossl, Super Plossl, etc.?
bulletField of View
bulletWhat to Avoid
bulletObserving Set-up Tips
bulletPolar Alignment of a Telescope
bulletCleaning Mirrors and Eyepieces*
bulletCleaning Optics
bullet    Video = Removing Fingerprints
bullet    Video - Cleaning a Telescope Mirror

* WARNING:  Cleaning of mirrors, eyepieces ond other optics may cause permanent damage to the surface coatings and even the optical glass.  You are solely responsible take for the maintenance of your optics and equipment and you should seek advice from local astronomy club experts before attempting these actions.  For these reasons, astro-som.com recommends that you do not clean your optics unless you are highly confident in your own abilities to do so.


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Introduction to the Night Sky - Part II

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