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This section offers FREE files that you may download.  These are all freeware that I use frequently and have found to be useful.  I have either found these in the public domain on the web, created them myself, or compiled existing data into an electronic format, with credit given within the file to the data's original author (if known).

Mandatory Disclaimer:

Use these files and programs at your own risk.  I have verified that they're all virus free.  I will not be held responsible, in any way, for damage that occurs from their use.


Spreadsheets for Download

These require Microsoft Excel 98 or later to read.  Alternatively, you can use OpenOffice.org as a very functional, free alternative to Microsoft Excel.  You can use it to exchange files with people running Word and Excel.  It works under Linux and other OS's to give you a way to use Excel spreadsheets.

bulletTelescope.xls (Comparison of telescopes, costs, other factors to consider when considering a new telescope)
bulletTraksat.xls (Lat/Long satellite information)
bulletObsrvtry.xls (Cost estimator for building a portable observatory)
bulletOcular.xls (Eyepiece comaprison)
bulletPlanets.xls (Technical data on the planets)
bulletStars.xls (Closest stars, other data on our stellar neighborhood)

    Observing Lists

bulletBest-NGC.xls (The best NGC objects)
bulletBrightStars.xls (Data on the brightest stars)
bulletHersch.xls (The Herschel 400 listing)
bulletMessier_plus.xls (An additional listing of 'Messier-lke' objects to observe)
bulletNebula.xls (Listing of significant nebulae)
bulletNext100.xls (After the Messier list, tackle these!)

    Messier List

bulletMessier.xls (The Messier listing in Excel format)
bulletMesr-mas.pdf (The Messier listing in .pdf format)
bulletMesr-mas.xls (A master spreadsheet I made for tracking  progress towards the Astronomical League Messier Observer award.  Columns for all required data and automatic counter.  Sort by any column.)
bulletMore Messier files and info

Programs / Databases

These require Microsoft Windows 95 or later to run.

bulletAclock.zip (Astronomy Clock program - Universal TIme and others)
bulletGalsat51.zip (Track the satellites of Jupiter - Less useful than Astronomy Magazine or Sky & Telescope's charts, but still interesting)
bulletGalaxy.zip (Galaxy simulation program - interesting to see the dots 'orbit')
bulletMoonphas.zip (Useful utility that brings up a small display with the current phase of the Moon)
bulletNewt25.zip (How to calculate focal length, secondary mirror placement, baffling.  Great Amateur Telescope Making file)
bulletTUMOL (The Ultimate Messier Object Locator - A must have program!)


bulletPkzip204g.exe (Use this program to UNZIP the zipped files listed on this site)