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Technical Data

Here are the basic equations I wish I had at my fingertips when I'm enjoying amateur astronomy.  Instead of having to hunt through my old text books for them, I've assembled a few of the more relevant equations here.  

Any suggestions for additional equations?

Further Study...

I figure that if you're in a section called "Advanced" and since you followed that link to "Technical Data", you're probably interested in some serious amateur astronomy.  If you'd like to delve into a bit of the actual physics and get a taste of professional astronomy, consider following through this online Second Semester Astronomy Course from the University of Tennessee.  It's really quite good, with a lot of interactive simulations.  Subjects include:

Radiation & Spectra, The Sun, The Sun's Power, Birth of Stars, Deaths of Stars, Celestial Distances, Analyzing Starlight, Stars: Celestial Census, Galaxies, Cosmology

If you'd like to review the First Semester course first, click here.

Another online course on the awesome forces in the universe can be studied by visiting "Violence in the Cosmos," another fine job by the University of Tennessee.