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Star Party Advice

Part I: Observing Checklist

Pre-Observing Checklist of website information

With 5-10 minutes of internet browsing, and maximize your observing experience. Try out these links.

First I check the weather at my observing site by clicking on:

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Then I check for bright satellite passes, Iridium flashes, or space station passes at:

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Then I consider the phase of the moon and rise/set times:

And I look at NIght Sky Notes:

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And if I'm serious about logging in specific objects, I start up Starry Night Pro and plan my evening's objects to any level of detail that I need.

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Part II: Star Party Comfort

These are intended to be lessons learned. You may assume that these are listed because at one point I didn't know any of this and did something really dumb and learned my lesson.

The Boy Scout Motto is "Be Prepared." ...Sage advice for any amateur astronomer.

Staying Warm

bulletBring warm clothes, boots and a hat. It gets cold, even in the summer in most places - especially on mountain tops where we like to hang out. (OK it's not exactly cold in the Mojave National Preserve in July :-) It is said that you lose up to 80% of your body heat through your head. "If your feet are cold, put on a hat," the saying goes. I cheat a bit when it comes to dressing warmly. I bring a couple of heat packs that you can get at most sporting goods shops. These small packets heat up to about 150 degrees F and work by oxidation. They are completely safe and although are advertised to stay warm for 6 hours, I have often had them last for double that amount. Put one in the pocket of your shirt under your jacket and you'll be toasty. The packets cost about $1 each and are worth every penny. They also come in Toe Warmer size.
bulletYour feet are an important part of your observing experience. Get a very warm pair of boots. In my area, the prime observing location is from a Buy aurogra 100. The heat flows right out of your feet and into the pavement if your boots are not insulated well. Get the boots a bit oversize for extra socks (and the toe warmer heat packs). You're not hiking in these things, you're pretty much standing in one place.
bulletBring an old large blanket or drop cloth to put under your scope. The first advantage to doing this is that it will keep the dust down around your scope and you'll have a lot less cleaning to do the next day. Another is that you'll be able to find that black lens cap you accidentally dropped much more easily. It's also a lot easier on your knees if your eyepiece is low to the ground and you have to kneel. I always seem to find the weeds with the stickers to kneel on.
bulletOne of my fellow club members, Steve Trotta, found a great company that sells cold weather gear for workmen at a fraction of what you'd pay through a sporting goods shop. I just bought a pair of Thinsulate coveralls with a hood rated to -30 degrees F (!) from this company, WearGuard, http://www.wearguard.com, 1-800-870-6539, for just $150 (note: these are usually on sale at the end of the winter for $99). I'm impressed with the quality of all of their products and their fast delivery